1.25kg Cast Iron Weight Plates - Olympic / Standard Sizes Available


A staple for any strength, free weight or functional fitness training space, our Weight Plates are designed to perform and built to last.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Sustainably manufactured
  • Hand finished and flush faced
  • Machined centre bore
  • Electro paint finish
  • Made in the UK from 100% recycled material

Our Cast Iron Weight Plates are designed with quality in mind - through every step we are passionate about creating the best product for your workouts. From design to casting simulation, automated moulding and the robotic finishing processes, you can be sure that our weight plates are the best available. Designed to fit the perfect size, shape and machine centred hole tolerances to ensure the optimal fit onto barbells or dumbbell bars. Available in two centre hole sizes to ensure the right fit for you. Our casting and painting processes ensure longevity and durability in your workouts. Whatever your fitness goals, the quality of our Cast Iron Weight Plates is fundamental for compound exercises. Available in sizes from 1.25kg to 20kg so you can layer your weights for your optimal workout. Not only this but all of our products are manufactured and dispatched in the UK using recycled materials, mainly from automotive parts allowing us to do our bit for the planet.

We currently offer next day delivery to all UK postcodes only. Our whole operation is designed to complete and fulfil your order in the shortest amount of time.  Delivery Charges are calculated at the checkout.

We will never take an order without having stock available (unless the product is showing as pre-order). The website is directly linked to our warehouse and has 'live' stock levels to allow this. To ensure that you receive your order by the next day you need to place your order by 2pm. Any order submitted after 2pm will be picked, packed and posted the day after. 

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Incredible Quality

Every aspect of the design and manufacturing process is geared towards giving you the highest quality product you can buy.  From the design and casting simulation packages to the automated moulding and robotic finishing processes, you can be sure that our cast iron kettlebells are the best available and certainly far superior to some product imported from overseas.


All our cast iron kettlebells are manufactured from recycled products, primarily car engine blocks and brake discs.  We operate to very tight environmental restrictions unlike foundries abroad, so you can be assured that we pay the highest respect and consideration to the environment.

Unique Design Features

Our products are designed with industry professionals and incorporate features and benefits that are not available from other suppliers.  Our kettlebells have pockets and recesses to allow the optional use of resistance bands for a more challenging workout.

Our cast iron weight plates are designed around the perfect size, shape and machined centre hole tolerances, ensuring the ideal fitment onto barbell bars and dumbbell bars. 

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